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Wounds You Can Not See: A Professional Development Guide for Trauma-Informed Education
From Foster Care to Harvard by Rodney Walker

The 2024 Foster Inspiration Tour


-------1/15/24 - 2/9/24
Northern California

-------2/12/24 - 2/23/24
Central California

-------3/26/24 - 3/15/24
Southern California

The National Foster Inspiration Tour is making its way to California. Reserve your spot today for nationally-renowned youth speaker Rodney Walker to present students with his award-winning keynote The Power of Resilience: From 12 Foster Homes to Harvard University, along with a student break-out session. For more information or special inquiries, please email Allie Morgan at

Tour Inquiry
  • Am I able to customize the programs for my students or staff?
    Yes. When you coordinate your program with one of our associates, we will work with you to tailor the event to meet your goals and objectives. We also facilitate creating marketing and promotional materials, as well as an after-visit newsletter for the event.
  • Are we able to have more than one engagement or program during Walker's visit?
    Absolutely. We will discuss availability and program options with you during our initial exploratory call, and we will be able to create a custom schedule of programs. Additional program fees will apply.
  • We may not have availability to host Mr. Walker during the tour window. Are we able to book him for another date?
    Yes, we are able to accommodate programs outside of the tour date. When you speak to one of our coordinators, we are able to assist with availability and booking.
  • What is the fee for programming during the tour?
    Your program fee will vary based on the type of programming and the amount of program sessions you select for your school / county. Please contact us to discuss your program ideas, and we will be able to give you an accurate estimate. Program fees are all-inclusive, meaning, all travel-related and equipment fees are included in the price.
  • Will the tour only offer stand-alone programs, or can these programs be incorporated into our own events?
    If you have an upcoming event that you think would work best for Mr. Walker to be a part of, such as a conference, a PD event, or foster youth summit, we are able to customize and incorporate Mr. Walker's programs into your event. Consult with one of our coordinators to discuss details.
  • How long is the tour?
    The tour spans approximately 60 days, and begins in Northern California (Del Norte County), and ends in Southern California (San Diego County). The first month is dedicated to northern counties, while the second month is split between the central and southern counties.
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