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Black History Month

Walker has delivered various speaking engagements during Black History Month for colleges, universities, and nonprofit agencies. Inquire today for information on Walker's BHM speaking programs.

Rodney Walker

"From age five to 17, I spent approximately four thousand days in the Chicago foster care system. I lived in over a dozen different homes -- many of them before I started high school. Although there were so many families whose kindness saved my life and whom I can never thank enough, it was still a tough decade.

When I was 17, shortly after leaving foster care, I became homeless for four months. The challenges of being a homeless teen are indescribable -- but I have a role model whose inspiration means a lot to me: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. His words are a testament that even I could have a dream, and make it a reality."

from Walker's HuffPost Black Voices Column, entitled: From Foster Care to Yale: Why Doctor King Mattered to Me

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