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Praise for
Rodney Walker

"Rodney Walker is truly the embodiment of 'It's possible'; He pushed his pain to greatness! This book will empower, motivate and transcend the lives of all who read it!!!"


Michael A. McGrone, Sr.

Principal, IYC Chicago

"Rodney Walker’s story of family and community dysfunction is sad but not unique. I hope his compelling story of triumph will inspire more and more people to offer other young men the kind of intervention and support that a number of wonderful people provided for Rodney. The dividends could be enormous."


William A. Keyes 

President, The Institute for Responsible Citizenship



“Rodney Walker is one of the top leaders of his generation. Raised in the Chicago foster care system and now a Yale graduate, Rodney has written an honest intelligent and beautiful book that is destined to be an inspirational classic.”


Steve Mariotti 

Founder, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship



"Stories we hear can shape us. Stories we tell about ourselves and our relationships to others can transform us. Rodney Walker’s A New Day One is his story about his life journey that is inspiring. Some people never overcome some of life’s harsh realities. Rodney’s story of how he was and is able to continue to flourish brings us a fresh and empowering understanding of the meaning of new beginnings. As a pastoral theologian and clinical social worker who assists others with how to live a meaningful life particu-larly after they have experienced traumatic events, A New Day One is a welcomed testimony to our capacity as human beings to endure and thrive."


Frederick Streets 

former Chaplain, Yale University; faculty member, Yale Divinity School



"Rodney Walker is a powerful messenger. His vivid recounting of growing up as an inner-city youth whose life is transformed when given the opportunity to escape a life of poverty teaches us how to dissolve the pipeline to the next generation of poor and homeless Americans.”


Judy Cockerton 

Founder / Executive Director, Treehouse Foundation



"Rodney's story of perseverance, determination, and hope is one for the ages. His life's journey is one that will inspire anyone, no matter where they're from. This book has the ability to transform the minds of our at-risk youth, and it should be required reading for all students."


Walt Macnee

Vice Chair, MasterCard Worldwide



“An eloquent, honest account of a young man’s triumph over hardship. For the many years I’ve known Rodney, he has been an inspiring example of the power of positivity and the will to follow one’s dreams. A true testament to Rodney’s determination, this book will empower all who read of his journey through adversity.”


Tucker York 

Global Head of Private Wealth Management at Goldman Sachs




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